Getting Started

Getting Started

Kabbage APIs provide a funding platform for software tools and applications that put the power of business growth back into the hands of small business owners. The industry leader in providing working capital online, Kabbage has opened their APIs to partner with the broad and vibrant community of companies, organizations and developers with similar goals of delivering services that enable and empower small business innovation.

Pre-Qualification API

The Pre-Qualification API enables the integration of your application with Kabbage's Instant Business Review process, providing instant pre-qualification results for new business referrals. The Pre-Qualification API is an easy access entry point for securing Kabbage-provided business lines of credit for your users. Learn how to integrate the Pre-Qualification API into your application today!

Get Started with the Pre-Qualification API

Funding API

The Funding API allows your application to deliver and service customers through any website or software offering.  As a Kabbage API Developer you will be able to prequalify, pull current balance, funding level, next payment date, make a payment, most of what Kabbage can do with more to come soon.  The beauty of this API is that partner developers can leverage Kabbage's patented funding platform to service their own customers from their site without having to travel out to Kabbage's site and back.

Coming Soon!